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where to buy cheap t shirts

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Andalucia's Son House Painting

Andalucia's Son House Painting

I commissioned this painting in 2003. It was painted by a then 17 year old young lady from Canada that I knew via a message board.

Here's what I wrote about it at the time I recieved it:

Eddie James "Son" House Jr. (ca. 1898-1988) was many things in his life - a tractor driver, a convicted felon, a railroad porter, a Baptist preacher, and one of the most important blues artist to ever pick up a guitar. When I saw a photograph of this painting posted on-line I instantly fell in love with it and knew I had to have it for my own. A few e-mails later a deal was struck and it was mine. It now proudly hangs in my home next to the computer where I am writing these words.

I went on to write:

Using the image above as an inspiration, the artist created this unique painting. I asked her to tell me a bit about her process and this is what she wrote. "The technical details of this painting are sort of odd. While making curries, I’d noticed horrible turmeric stains on my fingers and clothes, so I started experimenting with different ways to use it artistically. I made a light dye of it using boiling water and a coffee filter to unobtrusively sketch out the lines of his face before I painted it in. You can still see it a little under his right eye. I also laid down a mixture of turmeric and white glue over the background area, then added ripped-up pieces from the Globe & Mail (Canada’s best newspaper) Book Reviews section, and then another layer of turmeric and glue. After that, I made his shirt. I mixed flour and water in a bowl until it was thick and gooey, and dragged pieces of rice paper through that and laid them down on the canvas. I did a few layers of that so it’d look textured and shirty. Then I painted everything in, using ink I buy in big cheap bottles in Chinatown. I use a Number 4 brush, that I cut down because I was too cheap to buy a smaller brush, for details and number 5 for filling in larger areas. Oh, and those circles in the bottom right are pennies embedded in the papier-mache type stuff."

And here's what I wrote about the artist:

Andalucia is Lily Pepper a high school student from southern Canada whom I've come to be acquainted with through a common interest we share. We are both big fans of the most excellent web based comic Achewood and are regular posters in the official unofficial Achewood Message Board. Back during this past holiday season Lily posted a photograph on the message board in this thread entitled 'Merry Christmas', of a Son House painting she had created for her Father as a Christmas present. I immediately fell in love with and began to covet it. When I contacted Lily and told her this she graciously agreed to paint another just for me. Lily is not a professional artist and I believe this is her first commision, but I expect great things from her. From her postings on the message board I have learned that she can be very witty and smart and I always look forward to reading her post. I also know that she has a great sense of humor and impecible taste in music. Asked about her creative process she wrote "I usually paint sitting in my room, which is this grotesque messy cave filled with vintage t-shirts, lots of books, broken typewriters, and all sorts of stuff pinned to the walls. I work well late at night, accompanied by caffeine jitters, though I take breaks when my hands start to shake too badly, and listen to music: whilst I was making this painting, I listened mostly to Tom Waits, particularly ‘Rain Dogs’, and I went to sleep only when my eyes started to unfocus." So there you have it. I must say that's a mighty fine piece of work for someone with blurred vision and a shaky hand. That's a fascinating story and it adds to the value of the work to have this little image of the artist toiling away late at night, high on coffee, grooving to Tom Waits, while everyone else is fast asleep Lily is hard at work creating this gorgeous piece of art. To those who may be interested, I don't know how available Lily is being a full time student, but if she has time between her studies (and whatever else she has going on in her life), and you ask nicely- she may be persuaded to create a beautiful piece of art for you. It likely won't cost you a great deal of money either, but don't expect that to last because Lily has a very bright future in the world of art and eventually she'll realize how valuable her work is. She has my highest recommendation. I simply love my painting of Son House. Thank you Lily, thank you Andalucia.



Okay.. so it has been six months I think. New bag, more gear.. some will stay and some won't.

I admit that this EDC/OCD shot demonstrates a bit of the tendency toward carrying a maximum amount of crap around with me. I attribute this to two things:

1. My desire to put together an EDC that borders on a "bug out bag".

2. The County Comm BOB holds a lot more stuff than a Fatboy. I still have tons of room in this thing.

Just prior to getting the County Comm BOB, much of this was in a Fatboy. Excluded items would be:

-DS Lite
-legal pad
-mini atlas
-sunglasses (I usually left the case at home and kept them on my shirt or head when not wearing them)
-vice grips (I had removed them from the Fatboy)
-paracord (even now I do not carry this. I just bought it today and it was in the bag on load out, so it made the pic)
-pocket ref

So all of those things were not EDC items at all. They were more or less things I had accumulated and maybe carry once in a while as the need arises. The BOB concept and capacity allow me to put these and a lot more in the new bag.

The County Comm BOB is a terrific bag. For the money, you could not really do better. I must admit that having the GI canteen on board is a real pleasure. I am hydrated like never before, which is good because I also drink non-water liquids that tend to make one dehydrated.

I don't think anyone considered an army canteen for those end pockets, but it is an absolutely perfect fit. I mean, it is dead on. And the stretch cord that fits over the neck of the bottle.. perfect.

If you like to carry water, and you also need to bring a lot of gear, this bag is your perfect EDC. Two US army style canteens can be carried.. one on each end.. and with a black bag and black canteens, they just disappear.

This bag is also rather comfortable to carry loaded. I give it an A+

County Comm has a total winner here at $33 USD. And it is a total steal.

That said, I am ordering a black Fatboy soon, and it will become my new EDC. I love that bag. Just wanted to try something new.

The BOB will become my travel bag and companion to the black Fatboy EDC.

where to buy cheap t shirts

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